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Creating an Orange Utopia: Eliza Lovell Tibbets and the Birth of California's Citrus Industry

Eliza’s story of faith and idealism will appeal to anyone who is curious about US history, women’s rights, abolitionism, Spiritualism, and California’s early pioneer days.

Reflections on Heaven and Hell

Rev. Frank S. Rose helps us picture life in heaven and life in hell, and he shows how we are continually building a spiritual home and lifestyle inside of us.

Searching For Mary Magdalene: Her Story of Awareness, Acceptance, and Action

For centuries, Mary Magdalene has been the focus of multiple stories and legends. Her name has been used both to control others and to inspire. How can one pilgrim find the essential Mary Magdalene, the one who was privileged to be first witness to the risen Lord?


Lesson Plans

Welcome to the ANCSSA Lesson Plan Database.

All are welcome to peruse and download lessons from our growing database of lesson plans.

Contact us at if you would like to submit your own lesson plan or materials.

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Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Creation - The Fifth and Sixth Days In this lesson all the animals and people are created. Children make a creation book. Genesis 1:20-31 .pdf 438.55 KB creation Sunday School Genesis crafts Download
The Fall of Humankind Sunday School Notes for the Revised Common Lectionary As we begin Lent, we look to the genesis of all human pain and evil: our desire to follow our own way instead of following the Lord. Genesis 2:15–17, 3:1–7, Matthew 4:1–11 .pdf Rev. Lee Woofenden 190.99 KB Matthew Arcana Coelestia Sunday School Genesis Download
New Life in the Spirit Sunday School Notes for the Revised Common Lectionary To be a part of God’s kingdom, we must be reborn in God’s image. John 3:1–17, Genesis 12:1–4 .pdf Rev. Lee Woofenden 190.98 KB The Heavenly City Sunday School Lent John Genesis Download
The Sacrifice of Isaac The Sower, Lesson 16, Genesis 22:1–19 Abraham’s trial was in relation to his son Isaac. The trial of the Lord that is described in the deeper sense was in relation to the rational power, which Isaac represents. .pdf Rev. William L. Worcester 39.45 KB Arcana Coelestia Abraham Isaac love The Sower Sunday School Genesis Download
The Creation The Sower, Lesson 2, Genesis 1 We all can learn that God made us and the world in which we live; he makes the world beautiful, and wishes to make us beautiful, too. .pdf Rev. William L. Worcester 44.57 KB Matthew Arcana Coelestia Heaven and Hell Psalm Apocalypse Explained The Sower Sunday School Genesis Download
The Garden of Eden The Sower, Lesson 3, Genesis 2 When we see the beautiful world and remember how the Lord made it for us and gave it to us to be our home, it seems as if it ought always to be a very happy place. .pdf Rev. William L. Worcester 38.68 KB Garden of Eden Matthew Arcana Coelestia Apocalypse Explained The Sower Sunday School Genesis Download
The Five Books of Moses The Sower, Lesson 1, The Pentateuch In these stories we shall learn more about Moses, whom the Lord made a great leader of the children of Israel, to lead them from Egypt to the Holy Land, and to teach them commandments and laws. .pdf Rev. William L. Worcester 36.65 KB Doctrine of the Sacred Scripture True Christian Religion Exodus Luke Arcana Coelestia The Sower Sunday School Moses Coronis Leviticus John Genesis Numbers Deuteronomy Download