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Creating an Orange Utopia: Eliza Lovell Tibbets and the Birth of California's Citrus Industry

Eliza’s story of faith and idealism will appeal to anyone who is curious about US history, women’s rights, abolitionism, Spiritualism, and California’s early pioneer days.

Reflections on Heaven and Hell

Rev. Frank S. Rose helps us picture life in heaven and life in hell, and he shows how we are continually building a spiritual home and lifestyle inside of us.

Searching For Mary Magdalene: Her Story of Awareness, Acceptance, and Action

For centuries, Mary Magdalene has been the focus of multiple stories and legends. Her name has been used both to control others and to inspire. How can one pilgrim find the essential Mary Magdalene, the one who was privileged to be first witness to the risen Lord?

Love is Life


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Spiritual Topics - General

Follow the links below to read books on general spiritual topics involving Swedenborg and the Swedenborgian Church.

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The Infinite and the Finite

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On the Creator and the Creation.

Boston: Roberts brothers, 1872. 186 pages. Parsons, Theophilus, 1797-1882.

This site offers both page images and unedited scanned text.


  • Introductory
  • What is Matter?
  • Of the Belief In God
  • Of the Natural Intellectual Faculties
  • Of the Spiritual Intellectual Faculties
  • Of the Natural and the Spiritual Affectional Faculties
  • Of Some Relations Between the Natural and the Spiritual Faculties
  • Of the Comparative Strength of the Natural and the Spiritual Faculties
  • Of the Idea of God
  • Of the Growth of the Idea of God
  • God an Infinite Person
  • Man is Immortal
  • Of Freedom
  • Whence the Consciousness of Freedom
  • Our Life Our Own and Yet God's Life
  • What is the Preparation For Another Life?
  • How the Spiritual Faculties Regard the Natural Faculties
  • Of the Providence of God
  • Revelation
  • The Succession of Revelations
  • Correspondence
  • The Test of Correspondence
  • The Ancient Churches
  • The Bible
  • The First Christian Revelation
  • The Second Christian Revelation
  • A Difference Between the Material World and the Spiritual World
  • Swedenborg
  • Spiritism
  • Who Receive the Latest Revelation
  • The Word of God Cannot Pass Away
  • Future Revelations
  • He Comes With Power and With Great Glory

By: Theophilus Parsons