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J. Appleseed & Co., Publisher of Spiritual Literature

Johnny AppleseedDuring the early 1800s, the itinerant nurseryman named John Chapman criss-crossed thousands of miles planting apple orchards from the Ohio River to the Great Lakes. His unique worldly activity together with a singularly spiritual personality gave genesis to the legends of Johnny Appleseed.

He loved his life's work. Its spiritual inspirations came to him through his less well known cargo: the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Along with his apple seeds, he deposited Swedenborg books throughout the Midwest for forty years.

Today, we seek to expand the spiritual orchard that Johnny planted by offering a variety of Spiritual Growth Literature and music including CDs, books and pamphlets based on Swedenborgian Spirituality.

Spiritual Healing
by Eugene Taylor

A 6-panel brochure discussing the power of spiritual influx and the ability of "right perception" in the Divine Consciousness to be a potent source of healing.
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Spiritual Sparks
by The Swedenborgian Church

A beautiful 8 paneled leaflet designed to answer basic questions about Swedenborg and Swedenborgian churches.
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