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Creating an Orange Utopia: Eliza Lovell Tibbets and the Birth of California's Citrus Industry
by Patricia Ortlieb and Peter Economy

Eliza’s story of faith and idealism will appeal to anyone who is curious about US history, women’s rights, abolitionism, Spiritualism, and California’s early pioneer days.
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Stay by Me, Roses: The Life of American Artist Alice Archer Sewall James, 1870-1955
by Alice Blackmer Skinner

This biographical study on internationally known artist Alice Archer Sewall James opens a window on the life and time of a unique nineteenth/twentieth-century woman.
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Branching Tree, A: A Narrative History of the General Conference of the New Church
by Dennis Duckworth

This is a readable history of the General Conference of the New Church in Great Britain. It takes the facts and the figures and incorporates them into a narrative that reflects the lives and loves, the opinions, hopes, and endeavors of real people in the past.
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Rise and Progress of the New Jerusalem Church
by Robert Hindmarsh

This history of the beginnings of the organized New Church was written by Robert Hindmarsh, one of the founders of the General Conference of the New Jerusalem in Great Britain. It was not published until twenty-five years after his death, and was extensively edited by Edward Madeley. It is a primary source document for the history of the early New Church movement.
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New Church in the New World, The
by Marguerite Beck Block

A history of Swedenborgian churches in the United States.
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Story of My Life, The
by Helen Keller

A remarkable account of overcoming the debilitating challenges of being both deaf and blind. Originally published in 1903, Keller's fascinating memoir narrates the events of her life up to her third year at Radcliffe College.
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