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Emanuel Swedenborg: Visionary Savant in the Age of Reason
by Ernst Benz

The distinguished German theologian Ernst Benz documents the rich and fascinating life of Emanuel Swedenborg, who claims an exceptional place in history as both a scientist and a visionary.
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Swedenborg: Life and Teaching
by George Trobridge

A classic biography, now revised by two Swedenborgian pastors, offering a fresh look at Swedenborg's life and thought.
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Scientist Explores Spirit, A
by George F. Dole and Robert H. Kirven

A biography of Emanuel Swedenborg with key concepts of his theology.
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Emanuel Swedenborg: Scientist and Mystic
by Signe Toksvig

A popular, readable, but not very accurate biography of Swedenborg. Focuses on Swedenborg's mystical and paranormal experiences.
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Life of Emanuel Swedenborg
by William White

Life of Emanuel Swedenborg, together with A Brief Synopsis of His Writings both Philosophical and Theosophical.
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Swedenborg Epic, The
by Cyrel O. Sigstedt

A solid, thorough, well-documented biography of Emanuel Swedenborg.
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Emanuel Swedenborg: The Spiritual Columbus
by William Spear

The documented life of one of the most incredible human beings ever to have lived.
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